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October 3, 2023

Blows my Mind!

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It’s just so hard to believe. The younger boy in this family, who recently turned TWELVE, was a six-month-old baby the first time I photographed this beautiful family. Since then I have photographed them at least once, sometimes even twice (for both boys’ birthdays) a year, even after I moved away from Michigan to Texas. There’s no way I’d ever want to miss a year with these guys – last year I even drove across the state to join them where they were vacationing at Hoffmaster State Park! Mom totally loves pictures (the more the better!) and I certainly don’t mind complying. Every one of our sessions is a two-hour adventure as we explore the spot we are in, spot all the animals and the fascinating marvels of nature as we go, and taking ample time for the many, many hugs, snuggles and kisses as they lavish one another with affection. I always learn so much about animals and nature from them – they are a wealth of knowledge. 😀

This year we found a new spot on Belle Isle – we’d been there before but not to this part of the island – and had so much fun hiking around the area and finding perfect little nooks for family pictures. The light was beautiful, and the family so sweet as always. I LOVE the longer hair on their youngest! Now I can hardly wait for next year (though every year gets harder for us to find a new spot). And even though I want the boys to stop growing and stay little, I do really love the honor of watching them grow into amazing young men. So I’ll just keep shooting every year until they have babies of their own and then I’ll start over. 😀



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