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September 19, 2022

A Beachy Session

{ Michigan Family Photography | Michigan Beach Photographer}

It’s hard to believe I have been photographing this family since almost the beginning of my photography career, since their precious boys were just six months and two years old, and now it has been almost 11 years! Every time we have a shoot together, we end up spending over 2 hours, because Mom loves pictures and I can’t get enough of how stinking adorable they are together, hugging and loving on each other and always up for much exploring. I love watching Dad interact with his boys, pointing out all the various animals and other interesting things in nature I would totally miss (so I always end up learning a lot too), and I love seeing how they completely cherish their mom, always taking moments out from their exploration to stop and give mom hugs and kisses. They are also super awesome about picking out great locations too!

I was sad when I left Michigan to move to Texas, not being able to see them more often, but this family has been faithful and patient with me, waiting until I come back to Michigan each year and letting me photograph their family every year and watch the boys grow into such smart, handsome and amazing young men. This year I drove across Michigan to join them where they were vacationing, at the spectacular Hoffmaster State Park, where I had never visited. The place is awesome! And the weather was perfect, and although my out-of-shape self might have huffed and puffed its way across the sand and dunes, every minute was worth it because it was another fabulous session with some of my favorite clients.



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