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September 29, 2023

Worth the Drive

{ Milwaukee Family Portraits | Wisconsin Family Photographer}

Okay, folks, hang on to your hats and get ready to scroll, scroll and then scroll some more, because I have no self control and I simply HAD to share a bazillion photos from this session, because, well, you’ll see!

I have been photographing this family since there were only two kids, since I travel to Wisconsin every Summer to see family, and this is always one of the highlights of my trips! Up until now the sessions have been ALL about active, exuberant and lively boys, wrestling each other to the ground and insisting on racing, rolling down hills, roughhousing…but loving on their mama and each other in such a beautiful way that I feel great honor to be witness to all the love. But last year I got a treat – I got to photograph Mom with a gorgeous pregnancy glow! And what’s even better, she was expecting twins! And what’s EVEN better? One of them was a girl! A little princess to be loved on, spoiled and pampered by her big brothers (and twin brother) for her whole life, a sweet and sassy splash of pink in a household full of testosterone.

So, naturally, this year I was super duper pumped to get to meet and photograph these sweet new additions, but when I went up to Wisconsin, a couple of kids got sick and we weren’t able to meet. That would NOT stop me. At the end of the Summer I jumped in my car and drove all the way to Wisconsin from Texas JUST to have this session. The longest drive to a session I’ve ever made but worth every last mile (plus I don’t really mind roadtrips). We tried out a new spot, For the Love of Flowers Farm, and wow that place did not disappoint. It was beautiful and sunny and the gardens were magnificent, and I got to cuddle those sweet babies and watch how their brothers doted on them and made them laugh – what a treat. Of course I had to take 8 thousand pictures, because every moment seemed so important. Even the crazy pictures (actually, especially the crazy pictures) – to me those pictures are the best because they capture all the joy, chaos and energy that mark that stage of their lives, and it’s something you really don’t want to forget. Even when you’re strung out, living on a couple hours of sleep, juggling a million tasks and feeling like you’re barely holding it together, it’s precious and fleeting and I promise you WILL miss it. And it’s why the so-called “outtakes” always make it IN.



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