Wisconsin Family Motherhood Photo

August 21, 2022

Wisconsin Dreamy Session

{Milwaukee Family Photography | Waukesha Motherhood Photography}

For years now, whenever I travel to Wisconsin to visit my family, I get the tremendous pleasure of photographing one of my favorite photographer friends and her sweet (and growing) family. Of course, Wisconsin is gorgeous and green in the Summer, something you don’t see in Texas in July (green that is), so that is a treat in itself, even if you have to put up with the hoards of mosquitoes out for your blood. Believe me it’s worth it when you get to hang out with this amazing person, who is always smiling and beautiful and whose boys are full of boundless energy and all the “boy” traits I adore and absolutely LOVE to photograph. I’m not lying when I say that when I photograph little boys, the more “boy” they are, the better. Wrestling matches? YES! Throwing stuff? Bring it on? Rolling down hills and racing across bridges? Please! Walking on steep edges and nearly giving me a heart attack? Okay maybe I can live without that last one. But what I also love is the way little boys love their mamas so much; it totally melts my mama heart into one great big puddle (not hard to do when the humidity is off the charts).

Every year there are certain pictures we always make sure to get, like the aforementioned wrestling matches and running/racing images. We also love to get one of her oldest boy riding piggyback, though now we are at the point where he is probably better suited to be giving MOM the piggyback ride! So we just settled on a hug from behind. This year the other boys also got in on the action for a similar shot with Mom. What was super fun this year was that it was also a reveal session! The family will be welcoming not one but TWO
new siblings to the family early next year, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be in Wisconsin next Summer to photograph the family then!!



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