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October 18, 2022

All the Feels

{West Michigan Family Photography | Battle Creek Photogapher}

This past summer when I was in Michigan I took a quick side trip to the west side of the state to photograph some of my longtime clients on their vacation on Lake Michigan. I took the opportunity while I was on that side of Michigan to spend some time with a photography friend I knew from my favorite photography conference. She is a busy and popular photographer herself, so it is quite the honor when I get the opportunity to take family photos for another photographer!

I always LOVE it when the family wants to bring their dog along! And this dog totally stole the show, which I don’t think any of us minded one bit. I love a dog with loads of personality and energy and I was definitely not disappointed by this furry friend. The energy this dog exuded kept us all laughing and energetic, and who doesn’t want to get authentic smiles and fun in family pictures? I think that even if the dog didn’t come along, we’d still be able to get amazing pictures because they are one good-looking family and full of love and laughs with or without the pet. When the affection is so strong among the members of a family, my job is easy – I just get to capture the organic moments and feel blessed to be a part of those precious memories. Their younger boy is a senior this year, and as so much will be changing for them as their sons grow older, these images will mean the world to them for years to come.

I also love when we can incorporate special items into the photography session, and my friend brought along a blanket (tablecloth) her grandmother made, and we took some photos with it – what a meaningful thing to have in a session, and what a blessing and tribute to her grandmother!



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