girl in striped hat golden hour

November 30, 2018

Pensacola: Lightfinders Workshop

My goodness I LOVE hosting workshops.  I always end up with about 1000 amazing images every time, no matter the destination.  This particular time I joined Rachel Nielsen for a fabulous Lightfinders Retreat in Pensacola, Florida.  We had the fabulous opportunity to work with Rainey’s Closet, who supplied us with an enormous array of dresses and head pieces, not only for the little girls but for the gorgeous women who modeled for our couples portraits.  Not only that, but we also received two AMAZING couture dresses from Bentley & Lace, and we used them at Ft. Pickens, which is a ridiculously awesome place to shoot, even if I have to rely only on my memory of that shoot because I came home sans the camera card with all those pictures *cry*.  Still, with two perfect couples, an adorable family (outfits selected with help from Honeytree Style & Select), and a slew of stunning children, I had plenty of images to play with when I got home!  And now I’m sharing them with you!

Rachel and I want to have more of these retreats, which are always full of learning, growing, and lots and lots and lots of picture taking.  We help attendees find the LIGHT, no matter the conditions, at any time of day.  Past retreats in Oregon and Utah were unreal they were so awesome. Would you like to join us sometime?  Where should we go next????


couple kissing behind hat beach

couple playing guitar on beach

couple kissing on beach stairs

couple together at night on beach

couple kissing in light beach

couple cuddling guitar at beach

couple kissing on beach stairs

woman portrait with husband

woman with long hair in sunlight

couple sitting back to back on beach

couple cuddling on stairs evening

girl in striped hat golden hour

boy in tall grass beach

little girls playing on sand beach

girls hugging tall grass beach

girl at beach with hat

four girls at sunset by ocean

little girls at beach at sunset

baby crawling on beach

siblings portrait on beach

baby feet crawling on sand

siblings photos on beach night

four girls running down beach shore

girl walking baby sister on beach

3 girls dancing sunset beach

girl in tall grass beach photo

girl holding sister by ocean waves

These are the only images I have from Ft. Pickens but be sure to take a peek at some of the attendees’ images on Instagram! 

girls couture dresses ft pickens

The family on the second day!  We also saw enormous spiders and about 10000000000 fire ants.

family of four two girls golden hour

mother hugging daughter photo

family of four two girls golden hour

family of four beach portraits

girl on beach portrait

daughter cuddled by family

girl playing in sand dad in back

mother and daughter at ocean shore

family of four beach portraits

dad holding daughters hands

The third day we had an optional shoot at a horse ranch at sunrise.  OH my goodness, all the little girls were so cute and the couple was drop-dead gorgeous and so in love (just like the first night – how lucky are we????).

girl in morning light grass

little girl by horses at farm

girl white dress watching horses

girl in flower wreath portrait

girl portraits farm morning session

girl by fence portrait

girl walking on green path farm

girl in morning light grass

girls petting horses at farm

girl in flower wreath portrait

girls playing at farm summer

couple morning light at farm

couple morning light at farm

couple morning light at farm

couple morning light at farm

couple morning light at farm

couple morning light at farm

couple morning light at farm


Oh, and one last thing.  I road-tripped it with Beth of Three Willows Photography and we brought our girls.  We stopped the day before in New Orleans and couldn’t resist a couple of shoots….

morning hotel room lifestyle portrait

girls colorful clothing new orleans park





  1. colette says:

    Such a magical time!!! I think you guys should come to New Mexico and we can roadtrip to White Sands for one of the shoots and Santa fe for another! I will house you guys in Albuquerque!!

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