family on rock ledge portrait fall

May 21, 2024

A Sunshiney Morning

So hi there! Y’all remember me? I miss blogging! I have so much to blog, lots and lots of pictures in queue, and somehow ( as always, I know ), the months got away from me and these pictures just sat, anxiously awaiting their opportunity to be shared with the world. So, as the temperature in Dallas starts to inch up into the 90’s and stay there for the next few months, it might be nice to spend the next few posts looking back to those cool, crisp and beautiful, colorful Fall months that have passed.

I met this family the year before and had an absolute blast photographing their princess girls and their family in Dallas, and this year we met for a beautiful, sunny morning in Grapevine and it was equally glorious. Lots of dancing, laughing and silliness ensued. Always a fun time and I hope this will be something we repeat for years to come!



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