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September 15, 2023

Some Things Change….

{ Dallas Family Photography | Southeast Michigan Family Photographer}

….and some things stay the same, something for which I’m extremely thankful. I’ve been photographing this amazing Michigan family for over 10 years now, since their boy was just a baby, and it’s always a joy for me. He might be older and much different than his one-year-old self, but his huge, light-up-the-face smile and mischievous giggle has remained constant throughout the years. Also his propensity for sticking his tongue out, but I never mind that because it’s always followed by that precious laugh and his cheerful smile, so I know I will get the good shots!

This year these wonderful people also came to my aid and helped me when my car battery died a few blocks from their house! It’s so great that even though I live in Texas, far from their home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that I can still count on these meaningful and awesome relationships I’ve had the honor to build over the years. Photography is a profession I love, but not just because of the ability to practice and develop my Art, but because of the connections I have gained, and the connections my clients have with each other that I get to capture, and watch evolve, even as the kids grow and change. The love and the joy stay the same (or really, they get stronger!) and that’s a beautiful thing.



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