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May 29, 2023

A Sweet Afternoon Wedding

{Dallas Wedding Photographer | DFW Wedding Photography}

I had the tremendous honor of photographing this beautiful, quaint Spring wedding celebration in Dallas on a beautiful April morning. We were fighting a bunch of wind and it was literally minutes after we finished taking our photographs that the rain rolled in, but we were so blessed to get all the pretty sun in before that happened, and the wind didn’t hamper the mood one bit. What an unbelievably happy group of people it was – almost nobody attending the wedding was actually from Texas. They were from places all over the country and for many, including the bride’s mother and her aunts and uncles, it was a long-awaited reunion. The couple had met in college out West and following the wedding were headed out East, where his family is from, to set down their roots. That’s a lot of change, but they looked like they would have no problem handling it. I love nothing more than to capture the joy and love, not only between two brand new married people, but all their beloved family members and friends. The energy and excitement of days like this just put a smile on your face (how can’t they?) and I love to be a part of it.



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