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September 22, 2022

Family is Important

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I met two of these wonderful people in the Spring for my wildflower sessions, right after they had moved from Florida to Texas, and they quickly became beloved clients! It can be hard to make a significant move like that, especially when you have to leave so much family behind, so when they had a bit of a family reunion during Labor Day weekend, we wanted to make sure and create some memories through pictures while they were all together. I already knew how much I loved the two of them, so it was lots of fun to meet more from this family. They picked a Western theme ( I totally love that they did a THEME for a photoshoot, what a great and fun idea for extended family portraits!). So we posed with hay bales and horses and took pictures of their new Texan boots. And we also sweated, a LOT, because it’s Texas after all. But they braved the heat well and stuck in there to make sure they got to enjoy the delicious light of late evening, which didn’t disappoint at all, but I think the magic had a lot to do with the good-looking subjects of the photographs. 😉

I heartily recommend making opportunities for pictures when you have family coming together from different states! No matter how far away people might live from one another, there is a bond that can’t be broken, and it is precious to have those pictures to look back on with joy, even when separated physically. These can become some of the most treasured heirlooms for a family!



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