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January 13, 2020

Mini Sessions – a YEAR o’ FUN!

What’s more fun than a mini session with Sallykate Photography? How about a whole bunch of mini sessions with Sallykate Photography?

Okay, y’all, I’m so super excited to share that in 2020, you can indulge in mini sessions with Sallykate Photography all year long! I am holding twelve, yes twelve, separate mini session opportunities to take place throughout the entire year. What’s even better? You can book more than one, or book some for you and gift some to others, by purchasing mini session bundles for great discounts. What’s more, you will also have the opportunity to purchase a la carte digitals, mini sessions and even full sessions at discounted rates as well.


Excited to bring back our favorites – Starred and Feathered Minis, Fall Minis, Bluebonnet Minis, Holiday “Jammie” Sessions, and Paint the Sky Minis – and to introduce new sessions to the mix, including Valentines, Back to School, Little Painters (think big white backdrop and paint cans and ladders!), Wildflower Minis and Fall Minis at a Tree Farm. Mini Sessions will always be available a la carte at our regular rate,* but if you know you’re going to absolutely need more than one (wink wink), this is your chance.

Once you sign up, you’ll be added to my database and I will keep track there. No need to choose which ones right away – just let me know when you want to use yours! And if you don’t end up needing all of them, gift certificates are available upon request if you’d like to gift your session to someone else.

Official signups for each individual mini session will still be posted prior to each event.



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