senior boy playing trumpet senior pictures

September 9, 2019

‘Tis the Season – SENIORS!

I adore shooting senior portrait sessions. It’s very possibly because I have four teenagers in my own home, including one who graduated last year and one who is a senior this year, but it’s amazing to me when I get to photograph these amazing individuals who have morphed from baby to fully grown, talented, diverse and bright adults in the blink of an eye. Any parent to a teenager knows that what the generations before us said is TRUE- they grow up way too fast. Graduating High School is a big fat huge deal and how I love getting to capture them in this special time before they transition to a future full of opportunity and adventure. It only happens once!

senior boy in cap and gown outdoor path

My next couple of blog posts will highlight some special seniors I’ve had the pleasure to photograph here in the Dallas area. Today it’s the handsome J. He graduated this past year and I’m sure he will go on to do some pretty awesome things.

senior boy sports band portrait photography
boy on graffiti pavement senior pictures
portrait of senior boy photographer green
senior boy playing trumpet senior pictures
dallas senior boy portrait photographer
senior portrait cap and gown outdoor
boy on pavement with graffiti senior pictures



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