family walking through salt lake sunset

August 29, 2019

Where is SallyKate Part 4

Well, I took a couple months off from traveling in May to be with my kids as school ended and watch my son graduate, but in June I was back at it! I went to Salt Lake City to host a Lightfinders Workshop with Rachel Nielson Photography and it was SO AWESOME. We visited the Salt Flats with a family and a couple and some of our own kids the attendees brought along, and we also went to the Salt Lake, and even though it was cloudy, even clouds in SLC are way cool. We had our bonus shoot in the most brilliant spot in the mountains, and while it was REALLY cold before the sun came up, it was worth every moment clutching our hand warmers. I am going back in just a few weeks and I absolutely can’t wait to go make more magic, because no matter how many times I visit that state, it’s different and amazing every time.

On the night I arrived, Rachel and I went out with her daughter because poppies were in full bloom. And OH WOW….even though it was only one spot, I was able to get so much variety just by changing lenses and trying out some of my more “artistic” specialty lenses like the Lensbaby Twist. My goodness I love that lens.

On to the retreat (what an incredibly awesome group of girls we had!!!) –



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