May 13, 2013

11-on-11 MAY (13-on-13)

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It’s that time again.  11 pictures, 11th day of the month.  Every month I have the same problem.  It is NOT trying to scrounge together photos of my kids so I can get to 11.  No, it is the fact that I love to shoot and I can’t seem to stop myself, ESPECIALLY when Spring has Sprung and I finally have something besides brown as a backdrop.  Spring in Michigan is ….well….  fleeting, to put it nicely.

To deal with my little “problem,” I’ve decided, for the next five months, to dedicate the blog post to one of my children at a time.  This month it’s the fabulous Amelia, my youngest.  Even with one person, I have to “cheat” and count a few diptychs as “one.”  But she’s well trained, and is mostly always available for pictures, so…   And hey, the ice cream bribes are cheaper when you can buy mini portions.

In order to have a couple more girls join us, we’re posting these on the 13th this month….so of course, I want to have 13 pictures! 🙂


Dancing like no one is watching.

michigan little girl in barn dancing photograph

Stuffed bunny.

michigan photographer little girl with stuffed bunny

an iron bed, just her size.

michigan little girl on iron bed photograph

Showing her personality.

michigan little girl on rocking squirrel

Stopping to smell the flowers.

michigan little girl in flower field  lensbaby photograph

enjoying one of the first warm nights.

michigan little girl on blanket on warm evening photo

being framed.

michigan little girl sitting in blue tube photo

Spring, and Pink.

michigan little girl in pink in Springtime photos

among the daffodils.

michigan little girl in daffodil patch photography

feeling shy in so many colors.

michigan little girl in colorful dress evening photo

Feeling wistful.  Or sick of pictures.  You decide. 🙂

michigan little girl photograph on bed in barn


michigan girl by tree portrait spring portrait


AND.  The obligatory self portrait.  To be fair, I set the camera settings and my daughter took these of me when we had “down time” at a special shoot I was doing.  Am I cool or what??

michigan photographer self portrait being silly

Ok, now you MUST MUST go and see the next person up in this 11-on-11 edition, the amazing Tonya Teran of Tonya Teran Photography.  now! go! 🙂




  1. Alison Janki says:

    oh how i love these images of your baby… what a gorgeous human being!
    She will absolutely treasure them one day <3
    You are totally cracking me up with your selfies!! So fun!
    Great job Sally!!

  2. Anne Kerr says:

    Sally you MADWOMAN! You are so insanely talented! Your ability to find the light is incredible and I just adore the personality you captured in these! Is she the sweetest little ham or what! Just fab.

  3. Marie says:

    Amazing as always! So many different faces, emotions and settings – all of them beautiful! Your selfie cracked me up – love it!

  4. freaking gorgeous light in every single image…amaze!

  5. Lynn says:

    Oh gorgeous! She is such a character and I love how you photograph her. Beautiful pictures.

  6. Carrie says:

    I cannot pick a favourite! Love them all!

  7. Fran Barker says:

    Oh my goodness, such sweetness!! I LOVED the expressions on the rocking horse and I DOUBLE LOVED where she is leaning her head on the tree looking at her finger. <3 The selfless are awesome too!! 🙂

  8. leah says:

    Sally these are so perfect. She is adorable, and you find the light perfectly EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The one of her laying on the blanket is ridiculously beautiful. Love them

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