May 9, 2019

Autumn Expectations

I love this family. I’ve gotten to photograph her family a number of times, which is always a treat because, well, her kids are so funny and they all have such distinct personalities, something I love because it’s always been my opinion that the larger the family, the more diverse temperaments, and my aim is to capture each of them in pictures, for exactly who they are. She is also a fabulous photographer, and I am forever grateful when other photographers trust me to capture their family’s images – no greater compliment! Since this was shot in the Fall (yes, yes, I keep promising I’ll catch up one of these days!), she was still expecting her fourth and final child, and now that baby girl is here (and adorable!) I am itching to get the new family of six in front of my camera!

family maternity on bridge fall
family sitting on blanket park autumn
family fall portraits maternity
pregnant woman leaning against husband
family walking and swinging child
girl holding leaf over eye
family snuggling being silly on blanket
boy on lap being tickled
family fall portraits maternity
boy jumping with crazy hair
happy little boy on dad lap
man kissing woman temple hug
three siblings playing by tree
family fall portraits maternity
father swinging playing with son
father hugging and holding daughter
three siblings on blanket funny face
boy hugging mom legs maternity
boy looking into camera close up
family fall portraits maternity
sister two brothers standing park bench
little boy picking berries from bush
boy lying on bench looking up



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