September 24, 2018

Near and Dear, But Too Far!

This family is one of my original clients in Michigan.  I started photographing their family when their younger boy was only six months old!  And this Summer, I met up with them on the eve of his SEVENTH birthday!  How in the world does that happen?  I love these guys sooooo much, and even though they live so far away now that I live in Texas, they will always be near and dear to my heart.  Every time I have so much fun with these guys, and I love them like I’m Aunt Sally and they are my relatives.  It kills me that they keep getting older every year that I see them, but I guess that’s what’s supposed to happen, until I figure out how to get my time-stopping machine working.  Even if they aren’t squishy little babies or toddlers anymore, they are still handsome, funny, and loving boys and they are lucky to have two of the most doting, tender, and engaged parents to guide them through life.

Even though I’ve photographed these guys a bazillion times, we try to make every session different from the last.  We have met at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens in past years, but not in Summer, so this session still proved to be unique for them.

family on blanket under tree

family snuggle on blanket under tree

family on blanket under tree

7 year old birthday portrait

mom dad boys family photography

family walking along path

boys brothers running on bridge

mom hugging young son outdoor portrait

mom dad boys family photography

family looking out at sunset

brothers boys looking through telescope

little boy making funny faces

mom dad boys family photography

brothers portrait in grass

family hugging by tree evening photography

mother kissing son sitting in flowers

boy under tree in grass evening

family of four looking at lake by tree



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