family portrait autumn dallas

October 7, 2019

Okay so these are last year’s sessions! But now is the time to start thinking about getting Fall portraits and now that we finally have a day that is NOT in the 90’s, I’m definitely in the mood to share some Fall-themed happiness with you. I’ve worked with this family a few times now, and […]

girl playing with dog beach neskowin

September 3, 2019

All right guys, thanks for hanging in there with me – this is the last post of my “Where Is” series (I’m back in town – mostly – for a while). It was a busy year! I’m so glad I made time for this trip, though, because it was just as magical as I remembered. […]

brothers in parking garage behind gate

September 2, 2019

I definitely can’t do a series of “Where is?” without including Michigan among the places I traveled in a year. I was a Michigander for 30 years, and Michigan is where I started my photography portrait business. Seven years ago a lot of my new clients had babies and toddlers and I went in and […]

girl playing in bubbles at sunset

September 1, 2019

Okay so this one is long. I couldn’t help myself. When I was at Insta-Inspire I got to meet one of my photography crushes, the fabulous Meg Bethard (check her out!!) and fast forward a few weeks and I got myself an invite to Louisiana for a long weekend with my two youngest kids and […]

family of four two girls walking on beach

August 31, 2019

Every year when I go to Wisconsin, I always take a day to drive to Chicago (because duh that place is so fun), and to Lake Forest, Illinois to photography this ridiculously adorable family I’ve been photographing since it was just 2+bump. I’ve fallen in love with this fabulous party of four, and I make […]