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May 30, 2023

A Sedona Adventure

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I have had a friend who has been dear to me for decades, since before either of us was married or had kids, and even though we live states apart, we make a point of seeing each other as much as we can, and I’ve gotten to photograph her family a number of times as they’ve grown over the years. This year was extra special, as we traveled from Phoenix to the beautiful Sedona to do both family pictures AND senior portraits for her oldest son, who is only a month younger than one of my own sons. We had perfect, glorious weather and a beautiful hike through the gorgeous landscape, had no idea where we were going but found lots of great spots (not like it was hard ;)).

It also happened to be a particularly (and unusually) rainy Spring in Arizona, which meant that the state experienced what they called “superblooms” – vast blooms of vibrant flowers that burst all over. I missed some of the big blooms in the hotter parts of the state, but as we traveled towards Sedona and reached higher elevations, we started seeing some amazing flowers, and even in the midday sun, absolutely HAD to pull over and make her daughter get a dress on for us for some impromptu pictures. The pre-teen was thrilled, as you can imagine (“you didn’t tell me I had to do this!”) but it was soooo worth it.

I mean, this only happens every decade or so!!! I’m not letting the opportunity pass me by!

Onto our adventure in Sedona with the family (maybe, just maybe we got carried away and took eighty billion photographs…):

I don’t know how we did it but we managed to stop frantically trying to shoot every single picture a single person could possibly take of a family and saved a bit of time for some senior pictures, too, for this handsome fella –



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