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September 28, 2022

Through the Years

{ North Texas Photographer | Southeast Michigan Photography}

This is another one of my cherished families who wait for me to come to Michigan each year for a photography session, an honor for which I am so grateful because I would die if I couldn’t see them every year! Our sessions are always so much fun, because they are LONG and we cover a lot, I mean a LOT of ground every time, many times in places where I’ve never shot (one year we even ventured all the way to Mackinaw Island!). This year we went to Belle Isle, an island between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, and although I’ve been there plenty of times before, I’d never seen the area we went to, and I was shocked that there was so much of the island I didn’t know about. The light, and all the fun exploration, didn’t disappoint.

With each of my long-time clients certain traditions get implemented over time, and with these guys, somehow it became a tradition to pull out my fisheye lens and capture some distorted pictures of the family making silly faces. Seems like a silly thing but I soooo look forward to this every year! It’s always a fun challenge for them to try and change up their expressions. Each year, as the kids get older, some organic themes seem to pop up, and this year was the year of sunglasses! It was fun to photograph them looking so cool. :). The Top Gun movie had just come out so we had all the Tom Cruise vibes going on.

We’re not sure yet where our session will be next Summer, but it’s bound to be awesome, and I know I’ll get lots of exercise! And there WILL be a funny-face distorted family portrait for sure.



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