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September 12, 2022

Watching them Grow

{ Michigan Family Photographer | Ann Arbor Child Photography}

One of the very best things about being a photographer over ten years now is that I’ve gotten to document some families over the course of many years, and watched the transformation, how they’ve changed. Sometimes they’ve multiplied and added new children or pets to their broods, but sometimes I’m just taken aback by how much the kids change year by year. When I moved from Michigan in 2014, somehow I expected that all the kids would just freeze in time and be the same age as when I left them, so it doesn’t make sense that the five year old that I remember would have a deep voice and facial hair the next time I see him! Some of these families I see once a year so the transformations aren’t quite as dramatic, but it’s still crazy to me. The family I’m showcasing for you today, I started photographing when their sweet baby was just one, and all huge open mouth smiles like he wanted to eat you up. In subsequent years the laughs and smiles didn’t dissipate at all – he discovered that he could make himself laugh (if not his parents) if he stuck out his tongue over and over again, and this trend continued for at least four years. This year his mom reminded him that he did that as a younger child, so guess what? Yep, lots of stuck-out tongue for this session. But hey- whatever brings out a true smile makes this photographer happy so bring it on. I adore these people, and am so honored that this family trusts me enough to wait for me to come to Michigan once a year to take their portraits. It’s a pleasure watching their funny, sweet boy grow up (and their beautiful puppy, not pictured in this session), and I hope to have that honor for years to come.



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