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August 26, 2022

Family is the Best

{Wisconsin Family Photographer | Madison Child Photography}

Every Summer, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I travel up north to Wisconsin to visit my family, and I bring my youngest child with me so we can reunite with her cousins, with whom she always has the best time! I always love to take time out to sneak in a photo shoot with the girls (sometimes their parents too) while I’m there, and this time we did a little “cousin” shoot and included my daughter as well. No matter how many times I go there, and no matter how many years I lived in the North myself, after eight years living in Texas I still can’t get over how GREEN everything is in Wisconsin in the Summer! And there are flowers everywhere! It’s not just brown and withered everywhere you look, but lush and beautiful. Our night for pictures certainly did not disappoint in the “green and flowers” department, and we also had plenty of lovely sunshine and super-cute photography subjects too.

One fun thing about doing pictures every year (and this goes with any of my clients I see on an annual basis) is that you develop certain traditions, those “must-have” shots you have to re-create every year as they grow. For my nieces, we have to do the “peeking from behind the tree” shot and the “covering the eye with a leaf” shot. It’s fun to look back over all the shoots from years past and see the familiar set-up but with such different, much more grown-up faces looking back at you as each year goes by.

I always fall in love a little with all my clients, but of course it’s a treat to get to photograph your flesh and blood family – so many laughs (especially when a precocious and zany 8-year-old is involved) and memories being made. I look forward to this every year and already can’t wait for the next.



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