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June 18, 2022

Maternity Sessions with Sallykate

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I always say that what inspires me most as a photographer is the connection between people who love each other. I love recording the moments that signify the utmost affection and tenderness between individuals, to let my clients see the beauty of those moments as I can see them. It’s what defines my mission as a photographer, and why I love photographing families and couples so much. Maternity is a funny thing because you are many times just taking a picture of one person by herself, so where’s the connection? But there is actually somebody else there in the picture, besides the husband/partner or older children. It’s the BABY, and the connection a mother has with her unborn child is just as precious – and powerful – as any.

As a mother of five children myself, I can recall the months of excited anticipation before I would meet my child, the hopes and dreams I had for him or her, and the privilege I felt being able to feel the kicks or hiccups, and the wonder. Will he have his dad’s brown hair? Will she have my nose? Does all this kicking mean he will be a soccer player? Will she be a good singer or artist? The connection was palpable, and it’s evident as I photograph these mothers. Their expressions and gentle touches as they gaze upon the belly, their obvious “glow,” all speak volumes to me and I love being able to capture those precious moments for them. This special time a mother has with her unborn child is fleeting, and it’s a blessing to be able to document that special time in pictures.

I posted a maternity session just the other day, but below are highlights from a few other maternity sessions I have photographed this year. They are all enjoying their sweet babies earth-side now, but I hope they’ll always look back at these images and remember the special time they spent nurturing their little ones inside the belly, as they now watch that child grow and flourish on the outside.



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