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June 15, 2022

Rain & Shine

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It’s been two years, y’all! TWO YEARS! And I actually forgot how to blog in the meantime! But I’ve decided to get back into blogging after all this time away, and what better post to start with than with a maternity session that ended up kind of miraculous.

C & P are happily expecting their first child in August (gender a surprise!) and we both looked forward to the date arranged, which we couldn’t change once hair and makeup was scheduled for that day. So of course we were a little worried about how we would pull off a session when, at the time it was supposed to start (and her hair and makeup looked FABULOUS) it was raining buckets outside. I directed them to an alternate spot which had some promise of shelter from the rain, and I drove all the way there, wipers going full blast, praying through the monsoon, that somehow we were going to get (outdoor) pictures.

Well, I don’t know how we did it but we found enough hallways and corners and roofs to get a variety of awesome pictures, and even embraced the rain with some romantic under-the-umbrella shots. By the end of the session, the rain stopped long enough to grab some fun shots by the lights of the complex we were in.

Two days later, we went back to our original location and took some more, because any couple chill enough to brave a monsoon for a session was a couple I don’t mind hanging with a little longer. And despite seeing the biggest snake I’ve ever seen since living in Texas slithering up a tree, and then wondering how horrified I’d be if a snake fell on my head from the branches above me, we indeed had lots more fun and got lots more pictures. I am so excited for them to meet their little guy or gal very soon!



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