girl playing with dog beach neskowin

September 3, 2019

Where is Sallykate Part Nine

All right guys, thanks for hanging in there with me – this is the last post of my “Where Is” series (I’m back in town – mostly – for a while). It was a busy year! I’m so glad I made time for this trip, though, because it was just as magical as I remembered. I hosted our annual Sand and Sun retreat with Stephanie of Lemmonmade Photography, and we spent three fabulous days getting in as much shooting and editing and learning time as possible. The first evening was spent with four adorable children (and a dog!!!) and the light and the weather were perfection.

girl on beach collecting rocks lensbaby
girl leaning on bag in sand portrait
girl standing in sunshine beach oregon
sisters standing by ocean oregon beach
photography workshop outdoor beach children
girl playing with dog beach neskowin
girl with shell and sand on fingers
girl silhouette by ocean oregon beach
kids on oregon beach with dog sunset
girl playing with dog beach neskowin
girls at beach at sunset oregon
kids exploring by rocks at beach
girl spinning skirt on rocks at beach
girl playing with dog beach neskowin
kids standing on large rock at beach
kids styled photography workshop beach
girl playing with dog beach neskowin
child styled portrait at beach oregon

We took an afternoon to practice shooting in full sun on the beach – not the easiest thing to master but oh so fun to experiment.

girl dancing on beach in yellow dress
outdoor full sun children beach
girl in green dress shadow at beach

The second evening we spent with a gorgeous couple expecting a new baby and a beautiful little girl. I took the opportunity to use a few of my specialty lenses because I love shooting with a Lensbaby when I’m shooting maternity!

maternity woman purple dress on log
pregnant woman at lake purple dress
couple by rocks at beach maternity portrait
maternity woman with husband lake
maternity and family oregon beach
pregnant mother and daughter beach sunset
loving couple maternity at lake
little girl with parents close up
couple at sunset by rocks at beach
maternity woman purple dress at beach

The final morning we spent with the family of one of our attendees and while it was a bit chilly and way too early for the kids’ taste, we still had loads of fun and – bonus – the beach was foggy, which if you haven’t figured out by now, is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I’m also kind of a bird freak, so any chance to get a few birds in the frame and I’m a happy camper.

family portrait on bridge oregon beach
family portrait on oregon beach
girl in pink dress oregon beach
family on foggy beach in sand
dad dancing with daughters foggy beach
girl silly dancing oregon beach
dad hugging two girls on log beach
parents kissing kids look away
family sitting on driftwood oregon
dad with girls in distance beach
dad running with daughters on beach
girls dancing together on beach OR
family walking along beach
family on beach with birds
girl in pink dress on foggy beach

Want to go next year? It’s already filling up fast! Check it out!!



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