girl playing in bubbles at sunset

September 1, 2019

Where is Sallykate Part Seven

Okay so this one is long. I couldn’t help myself. When I was at Insta-Inspire I got to meet one of my photography crushes, the fabulous Meg Bethard (check her out!!) and fast forward a few weeks and I got myself an invite to Louisiana for a long weekend with my two youngest kids and her amazing family. I mean, all three of her kids are not only insanely precious (red curly hair?? omgosh yes please!) but they are all smiles and adventure and they were happy to share their enthusiasm with my kids, who have now declared Shreveport to be their favorite place on Earth. I have to agree that the tall trees, alligators (from afar!), gorgeous farms at sunset, and super friendly southerners who make you laugh a lot and become addicted to cracklins, are quite enticing for most anyone. 😉 And, y’all? If you are like me and grew up eating all the crunchy roasted skin off the turkey at Thanksgiving, cracklins are like a holiday all year long. Every day should be a cracklin day!

Speaking of Insta-Inspire, check out the full lineup (I’m in there eeeeeek!) and mark your calendars for registration Sept 21!

children at sunset in green field
two boys in mossy tree at sunset
girl snuggling black and white chicken
kids playing with bubbles at sunset
girl dancing in bubbles at sunset happy
brother holding sister piggyback portrait
kids in rural louisiana farm playing
boy with curly red hair sunset bubbles
sisters talking on gate at sunset
girl in yellow dress with chicken portrait
girl in window of car with wind blowing
kids in rural louisiana farm playing
girl playing in bubbles at sunset
brother and sister snuggling on blanket sunset
children sitting along gate at farm sunset
girl running along dock in overalls
kids in rural louisiana farm playing
kid with red curly hair playing in dirt
children on gate at sunset dirt road
three children silhouette sunset on gate

While I was there, we had the opportunity to photograph Meg’s sweet little niece who was celebrating her first birthday, and while we had great weather for most of the weekend, it rained cats and dogs on the last day, so we opted for a porch session. Just as wonderful, and gahhhhhh with all the curly hair all weekend!



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