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August 26, 2019

Where Is Sallykate?

dallas senior portraits pictures girl

I might live in Dallas, but most are aware that it seems that I’m never actually *in* Dallas. I really am! But there are definitely times where I’m off galavanting somewhere else in the country, because a) I have a massive case of wanderlust and b) I am a variety junkie and my biggest thrill is to continue creating new and different images forever, always attempting new things and discovering new places and people, especially as my kids keep getting older (why do they keep doing that???). Speaking of kids getting older, my first post in this “Where is Sallykate” series is my first trip of the year, when in February we took our two oldest kids to California and shot their senior pictures while we were there. My son starts COLLEGE today (!!) and my daughter is a senior this year, so it’s about time I’m sharing these images! We traveled around San Diego, Orange County and Hollywood and treasured every last minute of our time together, because anyone with teenagers knows that getting to hang out with them for four days straight is pretty much unheard-of.

girl california purple dress palm trees
girl in red dress standing by water
girl dancing red dress sunset light
girl senior portraits pictures outdoor
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dallas senior pictures girl portraits
girl dancing purple dress by ocean
girl walking by ocean sunset purple dress
girl senior portraits pictures outdoor
girl at sunset by rocks california
girl by ocean with seagulls rocks
girl in green shirt sitting in sand
girl senior portraits pictures outdoor
girl leaning against brick wall alley
girl in striped retro dress by blue door
girl standing by brick wall portrait
girl senior portraits pictures outdoor
girl holding hair by brick wall
girl standing in alley california
senior boy portrait outdoor natural light
senior boy on rocks at beach
teenage boy throwing rocks into ocean
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boy senior portrait outdoor sun
senior portrait by window with lights
boy on roof by palm trees senior
senior boy posing for portrait urban
senior boy sitting on decorative stairs
boy senior portraits urban



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