December 18, 2011

New Baby, Holidays, Family Love {Ferndale,Michigan Southeast MI Family Photographer}

The weather in Michigan has been surprisingly mild for December, but it’s still the Wintertime, and more sessions are moving indoors.  For this, I’m finding myself sort of glad.  I’m falling in love with indoor candid photography.  Window light can be so pretty, and I love capturing a family in their element – in their own home – being themselves, surrounded by the comforts of their everyday.  I had so much fun with this session.  I stayed forever, not wanting to miss a single magical moment.  The two year old was so delightful, the baby a precious little bundle, the parents loving and warm.  Oh, of course those first few months with a newborn baby can be exhausting.  It can be hard for a firstborn to find herself suddenly sharing her spotlight.  But, after a while observing the dynamic from behind my lens, I could see plainly that this family will emerge stronger and more fulfilled than ever.

3 week baby boy with mom

christmas card family with new baby

2 year old girl indoors

new baby with Dad at Christmas

newborn smiling close up

It’s hard sharing the limelight, isn’t it?

girl with baby brother

girl in window light not smiling

new baby and his family

We got served many delicious foods from this little girl’s “restaurant” located behind the curtains.

girl playing in blinds and curtains

sweet 2 year old at her house

girl on bed parents room

outdoor winter picture

cute baby boy with dog



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